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I’m wondering, should I buy a home in today’s market? If you are asking that question, the REO Dr has the answers. Join us in this session as we breakdown what’s happening in today’s real estate market.Should You Buy a Home
in Today’s Market?

Almost everywhere you turn in the United States, the Real Estate market looks bleak. It has gotten to the point that certain banks have left borrowers in limbo by not completing the foreclosure process. Mortgage companies are filing for bankruptcy protection left and right. Lenders have tightened their loan requirements; making it much harder for certain borrowers to get funded.

Pessimistic economists are not making things any better as they declare how this meltdown could last well into the later part of 2012. I have three questions, "Are the economists just being gloom merchants? S hould you buy a home in today’s market? Or, should you
  wait a year or two for the market to correct itself? Read more>>

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