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Buying a Foreclosure – Learn How To Buy Foreclosures

Make Buying a Foreclosures, REOs and Short Sales a Walk in The Park!
Donald Trump, is a billionaire because of his real estate deals. But he's not the only person making a ton of money real estate. 

REO Dr is about sharing the strategies and tactics people like Donald Trump and others have used to build real estate empires.

To be clear; this the REO Dr is an intense training ground where you learn how to rapidly amass real estate wealth and net worth!

And not only that, you get to learn how to do it, not from some wanna be real estate gurus who are secretly struggling to make their first million.

You get to learn from rea; estate investors who are in the grind, making money and loving it! I’ve followed the careers of Donald Trump, Robert Allen, Carleton Sheets and many others such as Robert Shemin, Ray Mungo,  Robert Yamaguchi and McElroy. I've learned from their failures but most importantly; I've learned from their success! 

Since I started real estate investing my library has swelled into a collection of books, DVDs, MP3's, CDs and PDF files of some of the brightest minds in the business. Not because I’m a fan but because these guys delivered insights, strategies and tactics that have propelled me to make money!

Right now, buying a foreclosure may be the farthest thing from your mind.

But you need to understand that foreclosures, REO properties and short sales are super HOT right NOW!

In real estate and in any investments timing is always crucial. If you get the timing right, you’ll make a mint. Right now, at this time, I don’t need to persuade you that buying a foreclosure is the way to go. You already know that it is!

What you need to do is learn a proven plans, strategies and tactics to help you accomplish your dream. If you haven’t checked, smart home buyers and savvy investors are grabbing up homes and properties at discounts of fifty cents on the dollar and twenty-eights cents on the dollar and in some areas even better!

BUT, these deals aren’t just dropping in their laps. They are putting in the leg work and making the right preparations to seal the deal. When you know what to do, how to do it and where to go, finding these deals becomes second nature.

At the REO Dr, you are going to learn how to succeed in today’s Real Estate market! Don’t fall for the pessimism you see and hear on the news. As quiet as it’s kept, there’s a large army of men and women who are making money hand over foot in this economy… and, they are doing it with real estate!

Just think, if you were able to purchase a home with a FMV Fair Market Value of $175,000.00 for $27,500.00, would you care if the current market were in a down turn? NO! Not if you are a smart home buyer! Smart home buyers know the economy goes in cycles and we can’t always be in a Bull Market. When we hit a Bear Market, it’s time to BUY! It’s time to buy because in a Bear Market the demand drops and when the demand drops, the prices drop and when the prices drop CONSIDERABLY people who buy MAKE A MINT!

If you buy a $175,000.00 home at $27,500.00 you may have to hold it for a year and a half to two years to sell it at or near FMV. Is it worth the wait? Of course it is because you’re going to have over a one hundred grand payday! That’s why buying foreclosures, Short Sales, REOs, Tax Lien Properties and Pre Foreclosures are so hot right NOW! You can find those types of deals all day long.

If you want to learn the art of snagging these deals and making a mint in today’s real estate market, learn it from the people who are brokering deals in their sleep. Here’s some of the training tools we use to prepare investors:

Advanced Real Estate Investing Secrets 

If you wait until the market corrects itself; you’ve waited too late! Get in on the hot deals TODAY! Let the REO Dr help you achieve your dreams! 

Source: Harold Becker, 


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