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Homes With Lease Option To Buy Take The Hassles Out of Home Buying

Homes With Lease Option To Buy Can Make Life Easier!
Homes with lease option to buy first popped on the scene and became popular during the late seventies and early eighties.

They arose primarily as a legal maneuver to circumvent alienation clauses in mortgages that allowed lenders to call the loan due in full if a borrower sold the property without the lender’s permission.

When the mortgage industry became more flexible with assumable loans, it seemed like the Homes With Lease Option to buy were doomed.

Homes With Lease Option To Buy Make a Comeback
But something else happened that drastically changed the landscape once again. The credit market tightened and lenders made it extremely hard to virtually impossible for a person with moderate to bad credit to buy a home. And once again, homes with lease option to buy were thrust right back into the spotlight.

Today, aspiring home buyers who want to avoid the standard credit application and FICO score process and those with bad credit have numerous options other than conventional mortgages. There are Houses For Rent To Own, Homes With Lease Options and lease purchase agreements. Of course, each state may have a variance to these contracts in their specific law books. Consequently, the information we’re providing about homes with lease option is an overview and should not be construed as legal advice.

What is a Homes With Lease Option Deal?
In a nutshell, it means you are leasing a property and the owner is providing you with a legal and binding option to buy it at a future date, usually at a fixed price. That means if the market shoots the moon and that property value increases dramatically, the owner has to sell the property to you at the agreed price, even if it means you end up with the equity.

Typically, these type of agreements require an up front payment larger than normal. The additional funds are used to secure the option. Also, depending on the agreement, more likely than not, a portion of the monthly payment is applied towards the down payment.

As far as the contract goes, the lease portion is just like any other lease agreement and the option portion simply spells out how long you have to exercise the right to buy the property and the price.

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