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The REO Dr Gives You Options To Purchase a Home in Atlanta Georgia

If you want to purchase a home in Atlanta Georgia, your options may seem limited; especially in a tight economic market such as the one we are currently experiencing.

As part of the subprime market fallout, most lenders abruptly raised the qualifying bar and made getting a home loan application approved, a dicey proposition. In some cases, that’s even if you have a respectable FICO credit score.

If you have a bankruptcy or otherwise less than perfect credit, things may seem altogether bleak. Not to worry, with the REO Dr., our team of Real Estate Ownership Specialists will provide you with options that empower you to get into your home today!

At the REO Dr, we utilize and keep abreast of all the latest home purchasing options in the industry. Our information affords us the ability to get you into your home today. Examine all of our home buying options and then contact the REO Dr to get started now.

(CHL) Conventional Home Loan
We have numerous little known programs available to help you qualify for conventional 30-year fixed rate financing. We’ll examine all of the particulars and help you determine if a conventional home loan is an option. If it is, we’ll show you the money.

(RTO) Rent to Own a Home
When a conventional home loan is not an option, don’t fret, we can still get you into your dream home. Utilizing our special REO Dr RTO program, you could be in your home faster than you think.

(LO) Lease Option
With our Lease Option program, owning a home is made simple. You’re not locked in to a deal you’ll later regret and you’re not locked out of home ownership. With our LO program, you have options and it’s time to exercise them.

(LTO) Lease to Own
The REO Dr currently has various Lease To own Programs; some of which allow you to utilize up to fifty percent of your monthly payment as part of your down payment. These programs change frequently; consequently time is of the essence. Take advantage of this option today.

(SOAR) Seller Owner Arranged Resources
With our SOAR program, you can get financed with “No bank loan financing.” That means no indepth loan applications, no FICO score considerations and, no PMI and no waiting on a board or committee to approve your loan. With our SOAR program, you can fly into home ownership.

(WPP) Wholesale Property Purchases
If you have the financial resources, we have properties available for purchase at the wholesale level. Our Real Estate Ownership Specialists can help you acquire properties with instant equity.

(UDCP) Ultimate Discount Cash Purchases
In our society, everyone knows that cash is king. Some of the best deals on the market are available to those who have the liquid funds available to make property acquisitions, right now. If you fit that criteria which means you will walk into instant equity.

(DPAP) Down Payment Assistance Programs
Did you know that certain counties and areas in Georgia have down payment assistance programs? That’s right! It is estimated that over 30 percent of all renters nationwide can afford a mortgage payment but don't currently have the 20 percent downpayment. You may qualify for one or more of these various programs. Take advantage of them while the funds are available.

(FAT) Foreclosure Accelerated Transaction
As of October 2007, Georgia had approximately 12,000 foreclosed properties on the books with various lenders. With such an abundance of foreclosure properties available, there are good deals to be acquired. With the REO Dr’s, FAT program, you can acquire a home below fair market value.

(SSP) Short Sale Properties
The REO Dr has forged relationships with numerous lenders throughout Georgia. These relationships allow us to offer you good homes at below market prices. Purchases must be completed in 10 to 15 business days. Only qualified buyers pre-qualified by the REO Dr can exercise this option.

Let's get you in your home today!


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