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The REO Dr Mortgage Calculators were designed by our engineers to provide you with quick answers to your real estate and financial questions.

Mortgage Calculators

When you have questions about mortgage payments, the REO Dr has answers! Our engineers designed our mortgage calculators to be easy to use and provide you with instant answers. There's nothing to sign up for. You don't have to provide any e-mail address. Simply enter the requested values, press Calculate and presto, you have your answers!

» Additional Payment Calculator

When you want to know how much money you will save by paying more each month or by making additional mortgage payments.


» Monthly Payment Calculator

When you want to know how much your monthly payment will be or should be for your mortgage?


» How Much Do I Have To Earn?

Not sure how much money you'll have to earn to afford your house payment and accompanying expenses? This calculator provides you the answers.


» How Much Can I Borrow?

Want to know how much mortgage you can safely afford?


» Should I Pay Discount Points?

Not sure if you should pay discount points on your mortgage loan?


» How Much Will I Save by Refinancing My Loan?

How long will it take to recoup the costs of refinancing my home mortgage?


» How Much Will My Tax Deduction Be?

When you want to know how much your home mortgage will save you in taxes.


» Bi-Weekly Mortgage Calculator

Want to know how much time and money you'll save paying off your loan on a bi-weekly payment plan?


» APR Calculator

To find out the annual percentage rate of your loan, enter the loan amount, interest rate, points, other costs and year-length term.


» Interest Only Monthly Payment Calculator
Use this calculator to find out the monthly savings you gain from an interest-only payment plan. 

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