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About Joel Marks
Joel Marks is a real estate investor who has quietly amassed a large portfolio of residential and commercial properties. He prides himself in remaining under the radar, choosing to focus his primary energies on his wife and children and raising his family.

Says, Joel, "I'm an avid fisherman who engages in house flipping and buying foreclosures! Life is really great when you can do what you love, when you love to do it! If you want to experience the many benefits of being independently wealthy, the vehicle to get you there is real estate. No matter what the market is doing people will ALWAYS need someplace to live. Why not provide them with what they need and get paid for it?"

So You Want To Get Into Real Estate Investing?

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Honestly, I've read just about the majority of the books on real estate investing. SOme that really helped me out and for good reason; his knowledge and insights have helped me make a mint!

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